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 Myth-Corp Scape.

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Myth-Corp Scape. Empty
PostSubject: Myth-Corp Scape.   Myth-Corp Scape. EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 6:56 pm

Dear community,

Currently i am still working on the server,
editing some file's, trying to get some new shops with decent items.
i am still having a little issue with the client, seeing the fact that i Should have the Clientname changed to Myth-Corp Scape, it still displays VarrockScape.

Current status update ~

~ The items still need a little work, There's probably 5% of items thats not working correctly yet.
~ Teleports are working, There is still one Empty teleport, and 1 teleport not working correctly, it Teleports you to a black space.
~ Almost all weapon specials are working.
~ up till now the skills i have tried are working correctly, I still have to test all skills.
~ Interface 20% done. (I am trying to make a Complete new interface)
~ Characters are loading 100%.

If more comes up to my mind i will update this topic.
Questions? Feel free to ask.

I would guess my progress is now on around... 30%.

I am working on a 317 server first to get this started,
317 servers are easier to make, so it would possibly be online sooner then when i should start on a 508+ server for now.
I will be updating the server to 508 after the 317 is done.

Myth-Corp Scape. PZPm2wI5uy_zpsb030e90b
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Myth-Corp Scape.
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